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Dear Wyoming Business,

We write to bring you up to date on some exciting developments with the University of Wyoming Men’s Ice Hockey Team.

  • For the first time, we are moving up to Division II (we have always played at the Div III level). This is a major change for us and will include a higher level of play, a broader region to represent the University of Wyoming, and a much more genuine college athletic experience.

  • For the first time, we are actively recruiting experienced new members across the nation. We are talking with multiple players with elite junior hockey experience across the nation and already have commitments from several of them.

  • For the first time, we will be wearing full protective university team gear (helmets; gloves; pant shells; bags; and complete off-ice traveling uniforms) finally putting us on par with NCAA teams across the nation and stepping up our capability of representing the State and the University.

  • For the first time, we hope to have our own team bus. It will bring the team together on trips and avoid the risk of caravanning ten or so private vehicles to and from away games.

  • For the first time, we are in the process of organizing annual games against the other elite teams in Wyoming (The Gillette Wild, Casper Coyotes, Yellowstone Quake, and the Cheyenne Stamped) to help broaden hockey in Wyoming and closer tie the university to the states hockey community.

We are accomplishing this even though we are an ACHA (American Collegiate Hockey Association) sport responsible for our own budget and revenue. We get funding from the University Campus Recreation Department, not the Athletic Department as many assume, but our major income sources are ticket sales, fundraising events, the players themselves (we are forced to require player fees of $900+ to play which we do not want to have to raise) and generous donors, advertisers, and fans.

Despite our best efforts and the financial support of our families and friends, we will be short by $25,000 this budget year. We already have donors ready to give $1,000 each, but we need to spread our donation base to the wider business community both in Laramie, throughout Wyoming, and throughout the region to companies who have an interest in, or scout employees out of the University of Wyoming.

We are asking you to consider a donation through our university account, making it a deductible donation to the extent allowed by law. We can solve our money worries and concentrate on playing quality hockey, our academics, and keeping team fees low with these donations. It is shown that during the season of a successful athletic team, GPA’s are significantly higher.

We hope to hear from you. Please think about donating to the University of Wyoming Hockey Team. We promise you our gratitude for your support, the best hockey we can play, the highest level of University and State representation, and academic commitment. Thank you in advance for your support of the University of Wyoming Men’s Ice Hockey Team.

If interested in supporting the University of Wyoming Men's Ice Hockey team, please contact:

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  • If interested in supporting the University of Wyoming Men's Ice Hockey team, please contact Tyler Johnson.

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